Anne McCaffrey and Fanfiction, cont’d

by the author

It has been brought to my attention that, sometime in the 11 years between the events described in my last post and right now, Anne McCaffrey decided to allow fanfiction and posted a list of rules on her website.

I am very pleased to see this. 🙂

Our group abided by all of her rules, except the trademark symbol, which would have been easy enough to include if we had known.

Her list does bring up something I didn’t address in my last post, though: pornographic fanfiction. I completely respect her dis-allowing of pornographic fanfiction (which is called “slash,” for the forward slash in between the pairings — like F’lar/Lessa, to give an example from Pern). I have always found it somewhat disrespectful to take somebody else’s characters and make them do things that the original author might consider obscene.

I think Anne put it better than I could: “Please, as I have told my grandchildren, play nice” (©20?? (there’s no date on the post) Anne McCaffrey).

Thank you, Ms. McCaffrey.